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Balance Harmony

& Alignment 

Essential Realignment:

~ Live As Your BEST SELF ~

A Natural Holistic Harmony Program To Kickstart Your Best Life!




Vitality MOT Package


NHH Corporate

Employee Wellbeing Program 


  • Wellness Programs Improve Employee Health Behaviours.

  • Wellness Programs Reduce Elevated Health Risks.

  • Wellness Programs Reduce Health Care Costs.

  • Wellness Programs Improve Productivity AND Performance.

  • Wellness Programs Can Decrease Absenteeism.

  • Wellness Programs Can Help Improve Employee Recruitment and Retention.

  • Wellness Programs Build and Help Sustain High Employee Morale.


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BOOK a Natural Holistic Talk, Workshop, Event or Program for your business or Company.


Support your employees and community with promoting health, wellbeing and vitality. Naturally, improve performance and support the company overall!

We are only as strong as our weakest link. Health and Vitality are our greatest resources.  

Health And Wellbeing Posts and Recipes!
Recipes & Tips 


Make it easier to cook healthy food with delicious healthy balanced recipes for you and the entire family. Healthier choices with delicious flavours. Check out the Resources area, for blog posts with mouth-watering recipes, tips and information on health and wellness and lots more....  



Soul PathAlignment Coaching - 1-2-1 Coaching support on your specific needs to support you to shine your unique light naturally.

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Holistic Health Coaching

Natural health and vitality with a person tailed program for success! 

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Here Are Some Of The Main Ones:​
  Holistic Health &Wellbeing Consultation
  Ongoing Health and Wellbeing Coaching & Soul Path Coaching - SHINE YOUR LIGHT Naturally
  Ascension Pathways; Divine Avatar Vessel 1-2-1 Coaching Program
* AND *
  Ascension Pathways; Divine Avatar Vessel Signature Group Program (8 Weeks)

Find out more about Giovana Restino's unique holistic nutritional, health & well-being and soul path consulting and coaching, for your particular health, wellness, personal development and soul path goals. Find out more...



Natural Holistic Harmony ​Program:
- Ascension Pathways; Divine Avatar Vessel Signature Program
- LAUNCHES IN November 2019!
EARLY BIRD Price Available! from 22nd-27th October- SAVE YOUR SPACE NOW AND save money with EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT! SAVE £111!


Meet Giovana Restino


Inspired by the mission to help the world through each individual, empowering you to become your best self, reaching your desired goals, committed and motivated living the most fulfilled life and shine your unique light in this world. 


Giovana is committed to empowering you to live a life of health, vitality and absolute joy holistically.

About Holistic Health

What do I mean when I speak about holistic health? Holistic health is the harmony of all aspect that makes up the human being's experience. It strives to look at all the key components necessary to have natural health and vitality within body, mind and soul, also within the inner body and with the outer world. 


Nutritional balance is a very important key component but not the only one that makes up the WHOLE Holistic Harmony Circle. We have to take into consideration, physical balance, mental balance, emotional balance and spiritual balance. As well as social connection and outer world harmony. AND many other factors within each of the above and more.


It is looking at the body, mind and soul as a whole and considering the inner world just as important as the outer world and vice versa. Looking at the invaluable and everlasting laws of the universe and living according to our own unique individual wellbeing. 


Holistic Health
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Holistic Health and Wellbeing Consultant 

Health and Wellness Coach and Mentor


Soul Path Coach - Personal Development and Spiritual Development 

Trained in:

Oriental Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Naturopathy, Macrobiotic Nutrition, Macrobiotic Counselling, Iridology Practitioner, 

Currently training in: Herbal Medicine 

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