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- Oriental Diagnosing and holistic lifestyle and wellbeing support

- Women's Health

- Holistic and Natural Beauty

- Family Heath & Wellbeing - (Parent and Child Holistic Wellness)

- Illnesses Support in Knowledge and Direction Forward  

- Digestive Wellness

- Type 2 Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes, Sugar Intolerances

- Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia

- Asthma and Respiratory Issues

- Women Reproductive organ - Endometriosis, Overian Cysts, Very Painful  Menstral Periods 

- Food Intolerance support and direction

- Diet and Detoxification

- Alkalizing for health and vitality

- Elimination Diets depending on specific health needs

- Transitioning to a healthier lifestyle easily and naturally!

- Starting a Vegetarian Or Vegan Lifestyle, easily and safely

- Wellbeing Holistically -focused specifically on each individual

- Healthy Cooking Classes and Private Cooking / Meal Planning

- Talks, Classes and Workshops on Holistic Wellbeing Topics for grater health and balance.

- Natural Holistic Harmony MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM


About Giovana And Her Mission

Giovana trained with the Kushi Institue of Macrobiotic Nutritional Health and Wellness, in Holistic Nutritional Consulting, Nutritional Macro-biotics, Holistic Wellbeing and as a Nutritional Chef. Trained also in BioMedicine, Naturopathy and Iridology in the College Of Naturopathic Medicine, she offers a comprehensive approach to her consulting and coaching. 


Furthermore, Giovana is trained in Personal Development Coaching and Spiritual Development, providing a unique holistic quality to her teaching, coaching and support. 


Giovana is inspired by her mission to help the world by empowering others to become their best selves, reaching their desired goals and living in balance and harmony.

At NHH we offer

Holistic Nutritional Consultation and Oriental Diagnosis Technique 
Health and Wellness Coaching and Mentoring
Classses and
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Rebeca Gonçalves 

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Giovana has been such a light in my life! Being a generalist I sometimes struggle with focusing on single paths or tasks, and Giovana helps me set out plans and goals like no other!

She inspires you and guides you through discovering your talents and how you can use them to generate all-round wealth and happiness.

Her Health coaching and Nutritional consulting program are also A-MA-ZING! She has such ample knowledge regarding different health approaches, and always seeks out to balance the health of body and mind as a whole.


This is so valuable with keeping you aligned both physically and mentally so you can achieve your full potential always!

100% recommend her to anyone wanting to get more in touch with their true talent and aspirations, as well as anyone wanting to feel fitter and generate more energy through a well rounded healthier life. 

Petra Papp

Chraniosacral Therapist

My first experience with Giovana's skills was when she did an Iridology Consultation with me, and I felt she knew me better than I did myself.

She has a very vast knowledge of the physical body, and what and how you can support it. As well as an incredible power to work with the energetic bodies, and guide you back to balance and source. Her way of doing it is full of ease and grace, and she makes you feel super comfortable.

From simple dietary advice, to complex and full lifestyle changes, she has the capacity to help you on your journey.

Her energetic field is safe, clean and holds an incredible amount of light.

I highly recommend her to anybody.  

E. James S.

Spiritual Coach

When it comes to the understanding of the body and the importance of balance, Giovana is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met.

On my spiritual journey, I have found myself constantly unbalanced and her support has allowed me so much ease and Grace while dealing with the high vibrations and energy work I deal with.

She has helped me ground and keep my centre beyond all else and I am enterally grateful for her and all she does!

She is amazing, and anyone is lucky to work with her as our physical bodies are the temples we all need to look after on our journeys to Ascension.  

Holistic Health and Wellbeing Consultant 

Health and Wellness Coach and Mentor


Soul Path Coach - Personal Development and Spiritual Development 

Trained in:

Oriental Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Naturopathy, Macrobiotic Nutrition, Macrobiotic Counselling, Iridology Practitioner, 

Currently training in:

Herbal Medicine 

Positive Psychology Practitioner 

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