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When we look at health in general, there exist many components that together complete the circle of holistic health. One of which (and a very important part) is Chewing. How we chew, or rather how much we chew (each mouth full) is essential to good health naturally!

One of the most important things we can do with our food is chew, and it also is (very importantly) the very first part of digestion.

We as human beings have control of the first part of our digestive process, which then determines how the rest of digestion plays out.

Chewing well is solely for efficiency! It doubles the benefits of a holistically healthy diet.

This helps to break the bonds of carbohydrates that produce the benefits, that is when are looking at whole grains as the main part of the diet.

You receive greater nutrition, which means more benefits from the food that you are eating, and in actuality, this means any food!

Now, it’s not to say (as the title may suggest) that you can eat anything, and have that be the excuse that by chewing well it doesn't matter what you eat.

That for example, only eating hamburgers or ice-cream and doughnuts for the rest of your life with the intention of chewing well excuses you from eating anything healthy. Of course not!

This just means that, even with these not so nutritious (body harmful) foods, such as fast foods or Oreos, when you chew it well until it is liquid, the harmful effects will be considerably lower than they would have been, had you not bothered to chew much at all. It is the essential beginning, and completely in your control!

From a Bussiness Perspective

Let’s look at it from a purely business perspective, looking at the body as a business. Chewing well, essentially, helps make all your problems go away. Imagine that!

If you have a business to run and one of the main components of this operation isn't being actualised to its full potential, and instead of being conducted in a lazy and not bothered manor, disregarded of its important part in the operation.​

What would you do, as the CEO of the cooperation?

You would look to find the incompetence and straighten out the problem, resolving and making sure all parts of your organisation are running smoothly and efficiently so that no part is slacking and causing problems for the other areas.

Much like a business, your body needs all aspects of itself the run efficiently as they are meant to. Slacking in one area resorts in significant strain for another part of the body, which if left unchecked and continued, can resort to problems down the line.

Just food for thought.

Let’s look at chewing. Your mouth is equipped with necessary enzymes and tools to support the digestion of the different foods that are put into the body. And it’s absolutely free of charge! So why not use it?!

In another note, stimulated saliva is Alkaline, which in turn affects the food you chew well. Chewing your food well makes the food more alkaline, which supports digestion and supports the bodies overall health.

This also contributes to lowering inflammation as it's anti-inflammatory, again because of it's alkaline properties. The more you chew the more alkaline the food (liquid once you are done with it) becomes and it goes into your body with less harmful effects.

Our moth is specifically equipt to break down carbohydrates. By chewing on carbohydrates (specifically whole grains) the enzyme salivary amylase helps break it down into sugars, glucose, which the body then can absorb in the intestines and utilise it in our cells. Our body runs on glucose, in fact, the brain cannot survive without glucose. Chewing well your whole grains can resort to better thinking, better sleep, no sluggishness, and so much more! ​

The Goal is to strengthen your health on every level, with just one simple habit added to your daily routine.

My intention today is to bring this subject as an introduction to your life. An introduction to its wonderful beneficial effects and a simple action that you can start implementing on a daily basis, which has the potential to change your life!​

The idea is to chew your food until it is liquid, then swallow. When they say, chew your food 30 time, that's est. That isn't the case! Sure, if you are eating something super processed, that becomes liquid very fast as you chew, due to its lack of fibre, then yes, maybe 30 times will do the trick.

However, the rule of thumb is: UNTIL IT IS LIQUID. Usually for complex carbohydrates, greens and vegetables it takes longer, minimum of 60 times, but I have found that at least 100 times will make it liquid.

For HEALING purposes, chewing 200 times a mouth full is suggested! For non-healing purposes, 60 minimum is best.

The tick, again, is to not bother to count, just to feel your food and swallow when it is liquid, and not before.

Take it as a personal journey, and don't worry if you don't remember to chew every mouth full perfectly, that is ok! Chewing at least the last 3rd of your meal properly already will have beneficial effects for your digestion from the enzymes stimulated through the mechanical chewing process.

There exists a wealth of knowledge to be learned about the healing properties of chewing, the scientific explanation to the process that accusers in the first and continued stages of digestion and the specific roles of the important digestive enzymes that contribute to this effective process, as well as how to support them.

Also, the spiritual benefits of chewing and the universal connections that ocurs. As well as the specific effect it has on the brain, nervous system and other organs. This, in addtion to what foods have what effect in your body, when to eat them for best healing and overall health. There is so much to discuss! But it starts with your chewing, one bight at a time.

"It is the essential beginning, and completely in your control!"

To learn about the simple formula on how to chew for better health, for healing, for happiness and for unlimited personal freedom, leave your contact details in this box here and we will inform you when our webinar will be taking place.

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