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There are many voices from all directions saying both negative and positive things about alkalising your body, which makes it sometimes hard to know who to listen to, who to trust. I propose we look at it objectively through the eyes of science, but in a way that we all can understand. Today I will be briefly discussing 3 of the known benefits of alkalising your body. You can listen, try it out for yourself and then see the effect that it has on you, on a personal level.


When I talk about alkalising our body, I'm not referring to becoming fanatic about everything that we put into our body, and whether it is most alkaline in relation to the acid/alkaline scale, and be neurotic about only eating what is most alkaline, and completely rejecting anything that is deemed too acidic. This is definitely not what am talking about here. There are benefits, nutritionally for many foods that are more acidic than alkaline. However, I'm talking about the foods that offer little to no nutritional benefit and brings your body into a more acidic or inflammatory condition, on a constant basis.

For instance, plant-based protein, beans and pulses, as well as some grains, are more acid in their effect in our body compared to leafy greens and some vegetable. This does not mean that we would take these nutritionally dense foods out of our diet just because of this. Instead, we also make sure to eat plenty of fresh vegetables and leafy greens, so that our diet is nutrient rich and varied.

"There are benefits, nutritionally for many foods that are more acidic than alkaline"

In the instances of not healthy, low-to-no-nutritional-value foods such as ice-cream, cheap chocolates, cakes, sweets, processed foods, processed meats, cheese, coffee, coke and other soft drinks, alcohol, smoking, chemical drugs and so on. We would consider the effect that having each of these, higher acidity and low nutritional benefit foods (or in some instances very harmful substances) have in our body and look at substituting some for healthier options that would support the body into a more alkaline condition on a day to day basis.


Today, I will be covering just 3 benefits of alkalising our body, BUT there are so many! In a separate post, I list and explain the different alkalising, cleaning and/or health inspiring foods that support our bodies, as well as practical things we can do to help our body live in a less acidic condition most of the time. I mention this because we can eat all the healthy, alkalising foods in the world, but we are mentally and physically creating an acidic condition in our body, it won't matter. Both our diet and our lifestyle, as well as our emotional state, needs to be aligned, to support our overall goal; a healthy and balanced body for a health-filled life. :)

"both our diet and our lifestyle, as well as our emotional state, needs to be aligned"


You have more energy when the cells swim in clean and alkaline liquid, the body then can function more effectively and efficiently, as well as having a faster response time.

Imagine a you are a fish swimming in a lake, this lake has clear, clean, flowing water, the light can reach the bottom of the lake, the oxygen is abundant in these waters. You, (the fish) are happy swimming and living in this fresh, flowing, oxygenated, clear and clean environment. Now imagine that you (the fish) are living in a tank, that hasn't been cleaned, ever, the water has no movement or flow, there is little to no oxygen in the water, due to the still water, the waste that gets created from the fish (you) doesn't get disposed, just stays in the water. The water, now murky, dense, with little light from the surface able to penetrate it, if any. This continues to get worse, as there waters circumstances don't change and the waste keeps mounting up.

Now with this image, which place would you prefer to live in? Do you feel that you can have the best quality of life in a tank that is dirty, with the water dense and murky, where you would suffocate under your own waste? Or would you prefer to live in a clear, clean, flowing water, light-filled environment, full of oxygen? I would assume that most of us would choose the clear, clean, oxygen-filled lake.

However, a lot of the times, although we would consciously choose in a scenario like the one I described above, the clean lake, in our own lives, with our own bodies, we can sometimes forget about taking care to create a clean, oxygen-filled environment for our cells within our precious bodies. You see, much like the lake, our cells need to swim in a clear fluid, oxygenated, light-filled, clear fluid to be able to live and perform its important functions to the best of its abilities.

When we eat foods that are too acidic within the alkaline/acid scale, consistently, what this does is create an environment for the cells much like the murky, acid, low oxygen fluid tank of water. It makes it harder for our cells to perform at their best, or to even survive in an un-oxygenated environment. When this persists, for a long time, what can often happen is disease. At its worse, cancer. Our cells start to adapt to the harsh, un-oxygenated, acid environment and to at least survive it mutates, changes, adapts, to types of cells that can thrive in an acidic, no-oxygen environment. Illness cannot survive in an alkaline, oxygen-filled cell and body. Isn't this amazing?! I think so. This means that in each of us we have a choice and have the power to create the body we wish to have a healthy, thriving body, or an unwell, struggling body. It is completely up to us, with the simple choices we make on a daily basis. Small choices that can make a big difference in our cells, in our body, in our lives. Having our cells swim in alkaline, oxygen-filled, light-filled fluid provides us with so much energy, as the cells can function at their optimum capacity. More on how to achieve more energy naturally in another post. ​


This is very much in line with reason number 1, which we just spoke about in the above paragraph. Illness can not thrive in an alkaline environment. For an illness to take place our body needs to be in a more acidic condition, always! When we are more alkaline, this supports our immune system and provides no reason for the body to get ill. Illness cannot survive in an alkaline environment, it lives and thrives in acidic conditions, so by keeping your body in a more alkaline state illness cannot survive. ​


When the body is more alkaline and the cells are functioning at optimum state, the nervous system's functions can also then work at optimum capacity. The neurone pathways can communicate faster and more effectively. All the systems of our body have the potential to be working at their best, thriving. A fantastic idea is to make sure to create a more alkaline environment for your body, in preparation for a test, or to remember important information, don't you think? ​

So, there you have it, 3 reasons to transition to a more alkaline diet. There are many, many more reasons! And they are covered in later posts.

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More on HOW TO ALKALINE YOUR BODY Coming soon!

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