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5 Foods that Support Healthy Weight Loss Naturally

Have you been tried so many diets and found it never works? Are you tired of not feeling conformable in your own body? Want to feel amazing in that bikini? Now, you are perfect just the way you are! But if you want to change into a healthier lifestyle and be in healthier shape so that you can enjoy your life in your terms, then listen carefully... The reason that many times modern diets don't work long term is because the body needs the nutrients, and energetic benefits from certain foods, and counting calories just wont give the focus that your body needs to heal and thrive. Today I want to share a little introduction on 5 foods that support healthy weight loss naturally. These foods have a inborn natural weight loss support effect on your body without the need to diet or starve. This is just an introduction into these amazing foods, if you have any further questions or would like to know more about them or to know in further depth what you as an individual need personally for your weight loss journey, contact me via email or Skype, and I will be happy to help.

An Introduction To 5 Foods That Support Healthy Weight-Loss Naturally

1. Daikon

Daikon has a melting and dissolving effect on the unwanted fats in your body. It naturally detoxes helping the liver process fats and oils that we take in. So the next time you are having something fried, like your fish and chips or a tempura, or even a stir-fry, add a little grated raw Daikon to your plate.

How to use it:

a) Furufuki Daikon (Daikon Stakes)

Slow cooked daikon chunks, or thick slices, cooked in low-med heat for 45mins. Until you can stick a fork into the daikon like soft butter. Add a little miso to the top. Enjoy.

b) In Miso Soups

A wonderful way to get this beautiful vegetable into your daily diet is to add a little of it chopped into thin quarters or squares into your miso soup.​​

c) With your Sauteed vegetables

2. Dried Shitake Mushrooms

Has a dissolving and cleansing effect of both unwanted fats and accumulated excess minerals built up inside the body.

How to use it:

a) Shitake mushroom gravy see the Super Shiitake blog post for this recipe.

b) Teriaki Shitake as its own dish

c) Vegan shitake mushroom and caramelised onions pizza (with a sourdough base)

3. Sea Vegetables

Help to bring your thyroid back into a healthy balance, also alkalising the blood and strengthening the bones.

Check out the Arame blog post for more information on this type of seaweed.

How to use it:

a) Within a Soup

This is probabaly the easiest way to prepare it. You can add it to your miso soup or you can add it to any other soup, flavour permiting. :) You can use a variety of seavegetables, from wakame, kombu, hiziki, arame and more. Wakame is the one traditionally used in miso soups, Kombu is often used as a stock base or added to soups from the begining.

b) Tofu Scramble with Arame or Hiziki

this is a delicious option and super easy to make. you would idearly want to cook it with onions or another vegetale (or by its self) before adding the tofu, as it needs quite a it more time to cook then the tofu does. Refer to the tofu scramble recipe for detials.

c) As its own dish

Sauted arame or Hiziki is asolutly delicious, even if you dont like the tast of seaweed. Refer to the Arame blog post for some inspiration and a recipe.

You can sauté onions untill golden, then add the Arame or Hiziki and simmer for 10-20 minutes with sweet corn and a little Shoyu and rice syrup for flavour. A trully delicious side dish.

4. Azuki Beans

(especially from Hokido). Help you shed the pounds effortlessly, a natural weight loss bean. They also support the Kidney, Bladder and Adrenal which all contribute too healthy weight loss. They are loaded with Iron and a very easy bean to cook.

How to use it:

a) Simple Pressure Cooked Azuki Bean with Hokaido Pumpkin

One way which you can implement this into your diet is too cook it with butter-nut squash or pumpkin. You can add the chunks of pumpkin into the pressure cooker pot with the pre-soaked beans ready to cook. Cook for 45 minutes. Once you have taken it of the fire and the pressure of the cooker has come down, you can open the lid and witness the perfectly cooked Azuki Beans and Squash ready to eat. You can season it to your preference.

b) Azuki Bean Soup

c) Azuki Chocolate Brownie
Recipes coming soon! :)

5. Burdock

How to use it:

a) Kimpira style burdock and carrot One lovely way to utilise this natural detoxing vegetable is to make a Kimpira dish with it. Very simply put, a Kimpira style of cooking is when the vegetables are cut into thin match sticks and sautéed for about 15-20 if from fresh vegetables and up to 30 mins if using dried vegetables, such as dried burdock or daikon. Then once done, lightly seasoned with Shoyo (organic, naturally fermented soy-sauce) or a pinch of salt. - See vegetable section of the recipes for the details on how to make this Kimpira dish.
b) Sweet and Sour Burdock

Another lovely way, is to cook it in a sweet and sour sauce, until it is soft enough to put a fork in it as if it were butter. So tasty, everyone is bound to enjoy it. This way you get to incorporate this wonderful and strengthening root vegetable into your regular diet. See the VEGETABLE part of the recipes, for details on how to make this delicious dish.

c) Burdock cooked in your Soups So there you have it, 5 foods that you can start to implement in your daily life for healthy, natural and effortless weight loss.
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