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Personal Development 101: Giovana Restino Is the Holistic Wellbeing Consultant You Can Trust.

The lives we live and the comfort we experience can depend entirely on how we treat our minds, body, and soul. Whether we are discussing the importance of nutrition and physical fitness or how a properly nourished soul can lead to mental clarity and prosperity, individuals looking for support will find winning solutions from a wellbeing consultant.

Today, we want to take some time to explore the world of personal development under the auspices of a wellbeing consultant at Natural Holistic Harmony.

Road to Personal Development: Health and Wellbeing Consultant Services

Giovana Restino is the founder and pioneering mind behind Natural Holistic Harmony. Giovana was inspired by her work empowering others through personal development coaching and spiritual development and now she is ready to share those unique talents with the world.

Giovana and the team at Natural Holistic Harmony can help engineer personal development by focusing on several key aspects.

  • Nutrition & Food Services - Giovana is an experienced Personal Chef with training in Nutritional Macrobiotics and Holistic Wellbeing. After training in BioMedicine as well as at the Kushi Institute of Macrobiotic Nutritional Health and Wellness, Giovana endeavors to help her clients garner a healthier understanding of food and how nutrition can impact our digestion, health, and wellness.

  • Spiritual Realignment - Not only is Giovana immensely experienced in the world of nutrition, but she is also trained in Personal Development Coaching as well as Spiritual Coaching. This encompassing view on health and wellness allows Giovana and the Natural Holistic Harmony team to offer personalized services that support their clients.

  • Iridology Consultation - Iridology is the exploration of the human eye to establish health information. This is a non-invasive technique that can give insight into potential kidney function or heart condition issues. When used in conjunction with other coaching techniques, iridology can provide clarifying information.


Don't wait to begin your personal development journey. Contact Natural Holistic Harmony to book the best natural and holistic wellbeing consultant around!

Holistic Health and Wellbeing Consultant 

Health and Wellness Coach and Mentor


Soul Path Coach - Personal Development and Spiritual Development 

Trained in:

Oriental Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Naturopathy, Macrobiotic Nutrition, Macrobiotic Counselling, Iridology Practitioner, 

Currently training in:

Herbal Medicine 

Positive Psychology Practitioner 

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